Martyr Sisters in East Africa

Martyr Sisters in East Africa

Already in 1889 the first mission station PUGU, in (now) Tanzania,

was destroyed in an uprising. Our Sister Martha Wansing and two Brothers were murdered.
A memorial stone reminds us of these first victims.

Sr. Martha Wansing

Date of Birth: 12 Dec 1864 in Hengeler-Stadtlohn
First Profession: 21 Nov 1887 Rome
Missioning: 11 Nov 1887 East Africa
13 Jan 1889 killed in Pugu / Tanganyika

From a letter from Sr. Martha:
“With joyful determination I gird myself with the red cincture that should remind me constantly to be ready to pour out my blood for the holy faith.”

During the Maji-Maji Uprising in 1905, Bishop Cassian Spiess,
with two Brothers and our Sisters Felicitas Hiltner and Cordula Ebert,
were murdered on the way to Peramiho. A memorial cross has been erected on this site.
A pilgrimage with solemn mass took place on the 100th anniversary.

Sr. Felicitas Hiltner, OSB

Date of Birth: 01 Oct 1876 in Bornholte, Germany
Date of Profession: 28 Feb 1901 in St. Ottilien
Missioning: 23 Jun 1905 to East Africa
Date of Death: 14 Aug 1905 Murdered in Mikukuyumbu

Sr. Kordula Ebert OSB

Date of Birth: 10 Nov 1878 in Ober-Eschenbach
Date of Profession: 08 Sep 1902 in St. Ottilien
Missioning: 23 Jun 1905 to East Africa
Date of Death: 14 Aug 1905 Murdered in Mikukuyumbu

Memorial cross in Mikukuyumbu

Memorial Cross in Mikukuyumbu

On August 29, 1905,
Sister Walburga Diepolder, OSB fell victim to the Maji-Maji warriors.
You can read her moving story here.

Sr. Walburga Diepolder, OSB

Date of Birth: 27 Aug 1870 in Gmeinschwanden.
Date of Profession: 29 Jun 1892 in St. Ottilien
Missioning: 01 Jun 1894 E. Africa
                  ->24 Apr 1901 St.Ottilien
                  ->03 Mar 1905 E. Africa
Date of Death: 29 Aug 1905 Murdered in Ngawa near Nyangao.

Memorial Cross in Ngawa