38 Martyrs in North Korea


+ Lord. Our God, through your beloved Son
You have redeemed our humanity.
- You called priests and religious
and inspired them to proclaim
in the spirit of the Gospel and of Saint Benedict
the Good News to the people of Korea,
and you have strengthened them
with the gifts of the Holy Spirit
to witness to the truth of the faith by their own death.

* Merciful God,
Grant your servants Boniface Sauer (Shangwon Shin),
Benedict Chiho Kim, and their companion martyrs
the honor of beatification and canonization
so that their self-sacrifice for your kingdom
may be ever widely acclaimed
for by their unwavering faith
they have given glory to you among the people of Korea.

- May we follow the martyrs
who through their death witnessed to the faith,
may we also witness to the Paschal Mystery of Christ,
through our long-suffering of the hardships and trials of
life and, in the end, may we enjoy eternal life in the
glory of heaven,
we ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

- Holy Mother Mary and Saint Joseph,
the patrons of the Church in Korea,
* pray for us.
- Holy Father Saint Benedict
* pray for us.
- All saints of Korea
* pray for us.

Approved March 21, 2010
The feast day of the death of our Holy Father Benedict
Abbot Simon Peter Lee

The clergy and bothers of Dukwon Monastry-Center: Abbot-Bishop Boniface Sauer


Abbot-Bishop Boniface Sauer

Wonsan Convent

"Oksadok Camp" built by German Missionary Benedictines in frigid temperatures

Our  Martyrs

       Sr. M. Eva Sch├╝tz            Sr. M. Fructuosa Gerstmayer

    Sr. Lucia Park                     Oblate Agnetta Jang 

Surviving Sisters arriving in Friedland from "Oksadok" Camp in North Korea

Center : Sr. Gertrud visiting Korea in 1991 after her retiring the office of Mother General

 Sr. Bertiwina Caesar (She survived)

Sr. Bertiwina Caesar was one of those who had returned back to Korea.
It was in October 2014 when Daegu priory was hosting the Prioresses Meeting
that she encountered many other German sisters who greeted her joyfully.
Two months later on December 29, 2014 at the age of 100, she returned home to God.

In memory of Sr. Bertwina Caesar